The IRIDIA TAM (Task Abstraction Module), a device whose function is to represent tasks that have to be performed by e-puck robots in laboratory experiments

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Welcome to the IRIDIA TAM git repository!

This git repository contains all the material required to reproduce the IRIDIA TAM. For more information about the purpose of the TAM, please see the relevant publications:

  • Technical report: A. Brutschy: The IRIDIA TAM: A Device for Task Abstraction for the E-Puck Robot. IRIDIA, CoDe, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Brussels, Belgium, Technical Report TR/IRIDIA/2010-015.
  • Journal paper: submitted to the international journal of Swarm Intelligence
  • Supplementary online material to the technical report and the paper:

The TAM with an extended e-puck

The TAM from the back

Getting the TAM

In order to download the material, click on the buttons on the right (download as .zip or .tar.gz file). Alternatively, you can clone the git repository by executing the following command:

$ cd where_you_want_to_save_the_repository
$ git clone
$ cd iridia-tam

Authors and Contributors

The principal author of the IRIDIA TAM is Arne Brutschy. The author would like to thank everyone that contributed towards the design, test and publishing of the TAM. In alphabetical order:

  • Anthony Antoun
  • Nadir Baiboun
  • Mauro Birattari
  • Manuele Brambilla
  • Manuel Castillo Cagigal
  • Antal Decugnière
  • Marco Dorigo
  • Gianpiero Francesca
  • Marco Frison
  • Lorenzo Garattoni
  • Alvaro Gutièrrez
  • Simon Lefort
  • Giovanni Pini
  • Nam-Luc Tran

Furthermore, the author would like to everybody that helped with the assembly of the final TAM.


If you have questions regarding the IRIDIA TAM, our you want to use or cite the TAM in one of your publications, please contact Arne Brutschy: